Fox Hill Campground Sign
New York State Camp-In
Fox Hill Family Campground, Spencertown, NY
September 18 - 20, 1998
Hosts: Mary Ann and Larry Little


Friday night at the Campfire
Friday night at the Campfire... Its not TOO big since Rikki was banned from adding wood.

Larry parks his Land Yacht
Larry parks his ride. Mary Ann tore the page describing a thing called the "kickstand" out of his owner's manual, so he's been laying it on its side when not riding it.
Linda does leg presses
Ever the opportunist, Linda siezes the moment and uses Larry's bike for a few quick leg presses.
(Seriously - this was a "tech session" to see if Linda could pick up a big touring bike. Final score: Big touring bike 3, Linda 0)

Greylock Tower in Northwest MA
This is Greylock Monument in Northwestern Massachussetts. Five of us took a trip there on Saturday. Craig & Lee, Greg (foreground left), Bill (foreground right) and myself (JD) behind the camera. An incredible view of the surrounding area, and a real nice ride up and down the access roads.

The lodge at Greylock as viewed from the top of the tower.
This is the Greylock lodge at the as seen from the top of the tower. For a fee you can stay here overnight.

What a motley crew!
Most of the group on Saturday afternoon.
I used my Paint software to re-arrange various appendages in this photo so that everyone's privacy can be preserved.

Medicine Men
Two guys who shall remain nameless. They are not really laughing, but are experiencing a side effect from the cough medicine which always seems to pop up around this time. (Note the medecine bottle on the ground between them.)

Saturday Night Music Fest
Saturday night also saw a sing-along, featuring the vocal stylings of Lee and Mary Ann with Lee's brother on Guitar.
Strange, but during this time we saw no sign of animal life or other campers for miles.

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