Let me reintroduce myself.  I am Carl Boswell, son of Cliff Boswell.  As the new year unfolds, I am beginning to make plans to ride my father's bike from Tucson to Sturgis to donate it to the American Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame.  As things stand now, I will leave Tucson May 15th, and give myself 5-6 days to get to Sturgis.  I will be travelling with a friend from Olympia, WA,  who has bought a used BMW and will ride it down to Tucson to meet me.

We will travel through Flagstaff into Navajo country, past Monument Valley and Medicine Hat, then turn north through the Valley of the Gods up to near Natural Bridges N.M, Utah. The Colorado Plateau was probably my father's favorite country. We will then go northeast through Moab and connect with I-70 just west of the Colorado border.  At Rifle, we will turn north again and head into Wyoming.  At Rawlins, we will turn toward Casper, and once at Casper will head northeast through Thunder Basin National Grassland to Newcastle.  From there we can head through Lead to Sturgis.

I would be my pleasure to have IBMC members join us on any portion of this trip.  I may travel a bit slower than many, due to my lack of riding callouses, but the majority of the trip will be on secondary roads anyway.

We'll be camping all along the way, although an occasional room with a shower may be necessary so we would be allowed to eat in public places.

Just a reminder that it is a long time between now and May 15, so plans could change.  I'll keep you posted in case adjustments need to be made.

I'm looking foward to this trip with a good friend through wonderful country, and I hope you can join us along the way.


If you'd like to join Carl on this historic trek, he can be contacted at

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