We were all saddened by the news of Tom's passing. He was a good friend to us all. Here are a few words from some IBMC'ers to remember him by. Please e-mail me or write if you would like to add anything and I will gladly include your thoughts. Additional pictures are also welcome - the one above is all I have currently.

I know I'll be thinking of him alot.  He was an impressive man... rough and tough looking on the outside, but a real pussycat inside.  He had a flare for things artistic... how else could have been  and done such beautiful wallpaper hanging.  He was a leader... was self-employed, and had a crew of men working with him.  Did you know he held a Lieutenant's rank in the Army... and served two tours in 'Nam?  It's befitting, especially on this particular Veterans' day to remember him with fondness and warmth.
For sure he was loved by his motorcycle friends. And I personally wish him God speed! Chances are that he's doing repairs to the Golden Gate as his closest buddy Chip had said in his remarks at the service.  I remember saying that he scared me as we were about to shake hands at our introduction,  he had massive arms... about the size of my torso, but his handshake was gentle... his hands were those of an artist. My dad was like that. As a barber he had acquired great arm and shoulder muscles from cutting hair and shaving... yet, he had soft and gentle hand, almost woman-like. I got over my fear the moment he shook my hand and said I was to make myself at home there... this was my first campout -- in Central Bridge,  NY, 1986.  I've enjoyed his and Rikki's friendship ever since.
I remember two campouts at his home. Both are vividly fresh in my mind, like it was yesterday. The first one was while he was in the process of building  his dome-shaped garage... we stood in the alcove of what had not yet been put together and watched as Rikki, Tom and the rest of us threw one pallet after another on the fire just outside the opening he had yet to complete. The second campout was different. He cooked the morning pancakes. He attached a blower to a length of 4" pipe and really made the fire turn white-hot.  Rikki was hypnotized by it. I'm gonna really miss that guy!
As a veteran I can appreciate Tom's sacrifices and devotion to his country.  Right or wrong, it's our country. Hope he could observe this Veteran's Day from a better viewpoint  than down here on earth.  May the peace of his God be with him.
- Norm Gignac

I met Tom a few times at IBMC rallies, didn't know him too well, but he laughed at some of my jokes, which put him on my "A" list.  I cherish the T-shirt I got from him.
- Doc Smith

Tom was a real clown. The first time I met him years ago at a campout somewhere in upstate NY, he came at me like I had known him for years, trying to convince me that he had painted my house 5 years ago. He might have succeeded, had I not been living in a house with vinyl siding for the last 7 years. But that was characteristic of Tom - always ready with a laugh. I'll forever remember him sitting around the campfire, throwing the bull with the best of us.   Ride free, Tom.
- Frank Altamura