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I've been riding this 1987 Yamaha FZ700 "Pure Sports" motorcycle with the 5-valve Genesis engine since I purchased it as a leftover in the summer of 1988.

I had a nasty accident involving too-new tires, a downhill, off-camber right-hand curve and a Honda Civic wagon with it. It took me 10 months of searching salvage yards to gather the parts to repair the damage. Remarkably, there was only $800 worth of damage (used part prices) to the bike, and I walked away with a couple of scratches and bruises. TRULY remarkable, considering the fact that the Civic wagon had $3000 worth of damage!

FZ700 before the wreck
FZ700 stripped down after the wreck
Before the wreck
After the wreck. Everything forward of the forks was destroyed. The fairing was damaged, but I Duct-taped it and continued to use it for over 5 years.
FZ700 with new parts near Roebling Bridge
New lower fairing and used upper. That's the Roebling Bridge in the background and my brother's KLR650 in the foreground.
Almost like new again. New silver paint (except for the tank... I can't get the remains of the kneepads off it) Still got the flat spot on the muffler, though.

My first and second bikes: a Yamaha Special II 400 (1) and a Honda GL500 Silver Wing (2)

Yamaha Special II 400Honda GL500 Silver Wing with homemade saddlebags

The Special II 400 vibrated ALOT. 45 minutes to an hour and you HAVE to stop. The Silver Wing was a good touring machine, although I wish it had had dual disc brakes up front like the Interstate model did. You'd be surprised how nimble the GL500 can be... I've had sport bike riders tell me they had to work to keep up with me in the twisty stuff. 'Course lowering the triple clamps 3/4" on the forks to quicken the steering and running sport compound tires helps!

Don't Leave Home Without:

Eureka TL-4, air mattress and folding chair
Skeleton bows to the Duct Tape RollDuct Tape roll

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