Posted October 29, 1999

For Sale: 1996 Honda 1100 A.C.E.; Black; 10,800 miles; New Cruise Max tires; Tank bag; Rain Cover; Windshield; Lots of Chrome; Very Clean. $7000.00
Contact Scott Farwell:

Posted October 19, 1999

Larry Krieger
"I'm looking for a used, but good condition pop-up camper, quick setup variety (like kwik kamp, bunkhouse, etc.)"
850-644-7262  •  FSU College of Law
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1601  •  FAX 850-644-5487

Posted October 19, 1999

Long time IBMCer, Carl Jones, has a "Scooter Schooner" camping trailer to sell. The unit is in excellent condition, white, new heavy duty zippers, tons of extras, he is asking $2500 (original cost - $3300+).

Serious queries to Judith Rogow (since he is not on the 'Net) will bring all the details.

Posted February 13, 2000

1996 BMW R1100RS
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Looks new, has never even fallen over. 36,000 miles, dealer-serviced, oil every 1,500 miles, ABS, 5-speed transmission, Rider Information Display (RID), Parabellum shield, original shield, front fender extension, wrist wrest, Friedman bar-backs, heated grips, radar detector mount with wiring, two BMW auxiliary outlets, Gerbing outlet, BMW Multivario tank bag, Corbin seat, mint original seat, hard bags with new lids, Kathy bag liners, Givi Traffic back case, BMW and Givi rear racks.

$10,000 - Call John: (203) 869-7158, (212) 621-9519

Posted February 13, 2000

1976 BMW R90S
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1,000 cc Nicasil cylinders
9.5:1.0 pistons, lightened wrist pins
BMW sport cam
Balanced crank/con rod/piston 
Lightened and balance flywheel
Single row timing chain
Heads ported 
Modified combustion chamber
40mm stainless steel exhaust valves
44mm stainless steel intake valves
New valve guides
Lead-free exhaust seats
Titanium valve retainers
Side thrust rocker arm needle bearings
New later model engine block
  Better oil galley system
  Front bearing support new
  Late breather system
Oil cooler
Deep oil sump, 4-quart oil pan
New valve covers
New instruments
Dyna III dual electronic ignition
Dual plug conversion, Dyna coils
New plug wires
Dual easily-accessed circuit breakers
New battery, 25AH

Rebuilt master cylinder, slaves
Stainless brake lines, EBC pads
High carbon steel 260mm floating 
rotors with carriers
Speed bleeders

Koni rear shocks
Progressive fork springs
Billet top triple clamp
New steering damper, fork seals


New cables, fuel lines, petcocks
Rebuilt original Dell’Orto carburetors
Corbin seat
Staintune stainless headers and mufflers
New center stand
Chrome saddlebag mounts
37-litre classic hard bags
New windshield
Radar detector mount and wiring
Locking gas cap

Includes original parts:
  White-faced instruments
  Excellent seat
  Headers and mufflers

$10,000 - Call John: (203) 869-7158, (212) 621-9519

Posted February 21, 2000


I am looking for a camper to pull behind my bike. What I am looking for is a camper that may need work... it does not matter how much work, I can fix about anything. The only thing I have a limitation on is the price. If there is a camper out there that someone knows about, I would appreciate having the information sent to me at

Thank you!

Posted February 25, 2000


Pelco Leading link front end for Honda GL1200/Sidecar combinations. Its like adding power steering to the bike. $250 plus shipping. Contact Craig Rabin at

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